Andrew Freeman
Before I found the Addiction Recovery Center, my life was a complete mess and out of control. I have been in other treatment programs that offered Suboxone treatment. They were unreliable and didn’t seem to care about their clients. Suboxone has changed my life, it has brought me hope and stability to what was once chaos and uncertainty. I had previously heard about Suboxone from people I knew who were on it. At the time the drug was very new and not a lot was known about it. I now recommend Suboxone and this treatment program to everyone struggling with Opiate addiction. I have been in treatment here for 8 months and it has changed everything. If you are reading this and considering Suboxone treatment, the Addiction Recovery Center is the place to do it. What do you have to lose except maybe the rest of what can be a happy, stable, drug free life

Martha N.
Q: How did you first hear about Suboxone?
A: My pain management physician lost his license without prior notice. After approximately two dozen unsuccessful phone calls to replace him, I finally followed the suggestion of an AA member in the beginning. I called the Colonial Services Board, our community’s mental health center, and they gave me the number for the Addiction Recovery Center of VA. I called the Center and was seen the next day.

Q: What made you decide to try it?
A: I was desperate. After 30 years of taking opiates for pain management, I was 57 years old and I was ready to stop. I realized that I was no longer treating my pain but was treating my addiction. I had tried other ways to get off narcotics but Suboxone was the most promising, especially with the prospect of not experiencing withdrawal.

Q: How did you find out about our program?
A: Program information was not given to me until I was seen at the Center. At my arrival the program was explained to me in detail, and I was given a booklet describing the program. Because I was on disability, I took the program information to my other physicians who were prescribing to me.

Q: Do you feel your needs are being met by this program?
A: I felt that all my needs were met by the program. If I had a question or a problem during the week, my phone calls to the facilitators of the program were answered immediately or returned the same day. The clinic atmosphere was relaxing, the staff was warm and always accommodating during my visits, and the other clients seemed cheerful and willing to share their positive experience.

Q: Any additional items you would like to share?
A: The program has allowed me to get off the narcotics as an outpatient in my home environment instead of going to a hospital or inpatient program. I never suffered any withdrawal symptoms. Because the program takes a year (or more), one is able to pick up the pieces of his life while taking Suboxone at the same time. I feel confident that I will never become dependent on opiates again. The program assisted me with getting on track for good, I believe.

John S.
“The road to recovery has been a long one for me. I have tried many different ways to reclaim my life and career. Many were to no avail. I was in a panic when a previous (Suboxone) doctor simply left town. I came to Addiction Recovery of Virginia desperate and was immediately treated with dignity and respect by the staff & Dr. Brown. For the first time I felt like there was truly a place that cared about my situation. If you are ready to get honest with yourself, if you are ready to be honest with the doctor and staff, there is no better place you can go to get help. I finally, after many years of attempts, feel like I am claiming my life back from addiction.”

Kindra Boyd
“I was first introduced to The Addiction Recovery Center in 2013. I was a drug addict. Heroin was my drug of choice. I definitely met my match with heroin. I lost everything. I lost sight of who I was. I am a different person today. This program has taught me to live a positive life. The staff is amazing people. They care about your recovery. They have been involved through every step of my recovery. This program has allowed me to live again. I have my family in my life again. I have been clean and sober since April 2014. That is a great accomplishment of mine. I am happy. I live every day to the fullest thanks to the Addiction Recovery center.

Thank you”

Brandi Williams
“Suboxone has helped me turn my life around 100%.

I’ve been in 2 different programs. And this Suboxone program with Dr. Brown has had more effect on me in a great way. He takes his time with his patients. He is very understanding. No matter how uncomfortable you are, being honest with him is more helpful with your sobriety. He doesn’t judge you either.

Many people have different opinions with Suboxone. Some say it’s only trading one drug for another. Well it’s not and I’m proof. I’m a better person today. I’m more stable. I have more goals and I’m actually achieving them this time.

While taking Suboxone, you need good support from family and friends. And having a good doctor helps tremendously.

You have to work the program with an open mind. If you’re tired of the way your life is going, tired of the addiction and withdrawal symptoms, try something different and try this program. It was a good decision for me. I’m now the mother, the wife, the sister that I always wanted to be. My advice to others is to give it a try. What is there to lose, when there’s more of a change for success!”

Tina G.
I can’t express enough how hopeless and lonely I felt going through the darkness of my addiction. I had called and asked around for help and it was always a dead end for me. I prayed and didn’t give up and made one more call and found The Addiction Recovery Center. When I received a call back that same day, I was so happy talking to Gloria. Finally, I said, maybe there’s hope. My experience here has been fulfilling in so many ways. First, figuring out why I was doing this again and again to myself. Suboxone balanced me out and I was able to function normally. I have been in this program over a year now and I couldn’t be any more pleased with it all together. It’s never too late to change your life for the better.

Janet S.
“I initially started taking pain meds to treat severe physical pain. My story began at the early age of 14 when I had my first surgery, and 14 surgeries later when I no longer required pain meds, I had no idea what was happening to my body! The chase was on and so I began my long, dark, dreary dead end road.

I lied, cheated and manipulated to get my pills at any cost. I had such a bright and promising future but none of that mattered without my magic pills that, so I thought, helped me cope and numb me. My addiction was not only physical but mental. Even if I had hundreds of pills, my only concern was where my next ones were coming from.

I have such a caring, loving and supportive family that I inflicted so much pain on and I was so selfish and self centered. So I can see now, but in my sick mind because of inflicted pain that I was caused as a child that no one knew about, I felt I was owed. I’ve tried sobriety so many times but never truly succeeded because I was never mentally ready.

Recently with my children grown, I’ve had time to reflect on my life and asked myself, “How long am I going to try to travel this same dark road and expect a different outcome?” That’s when I decided the chase was over and admitted I needed help. I decided this on my own because I realized that I am the only one responsible for my recovery.

I tried and tried on my own but I just couldn’t get past the physical withdrawal. It was like no other pain I had ever felt. I had several friends tell me about Suboxone and I saw they had something I wanted (sobriety). I was so scared, lonely, and oh so tired. My body hurt and mentally I just surrendered.

That’s when I called The Addiction Recovery Center. The program has SAVED MY LIFE! I’ve gained a strong support system, and I’ve finally found someone who understands my addiction. Dr. Brown and his staff are so caring and compassionate… I feel like “Janet”, not just another patient.

One thing that really sticks in my mind is when Dr. Brown accepted me into the program and first gave me my prescription… he said to me “I don’t just give a prescription with standard instructions to take every 4 – 6 hours… each person is different and unique.” He gave me instructions to call at specific times the first few days, which I did.

But Dr. Brown and Gloria also called ME to check in to see how I was doing. They really made me feel like my recovery was important to them. It’s like I’ve gained new family members. Overall, I feel normal again, not as an outcast, like I fit in. I heard my Dad say recently, “This program gave me my daughter back.”

Q: How did you first hear about Suboxone?
A: On the street

Q: What made you decide to try it?
A: It seemed to work

Q: How did you find out about our program?
A: Found it on-line

Q: Do you feel your needs are being met by this program?
A: So far, so good

Q: How has this program changed your life?
A: I have been off opiates for several months now

Q: Any additional items you would like to share?
A: The people here actually care about your well being. Everyone is so nice, feels like your visiting family not a stranger. You can tell the people here really do care about you.

Amber R. – Submitted 11/25/19
The staff at Addiction Recovery has been extremely supportive in my recovery process, without the dedication and time provided by the staff I dont know where I would be today.

Allison W. – Submitted 07/10/19
Addiction Recovery program is absolutely an amazing program, the program is the only reason I am able to even write this today, if not for Dr. Brown, Gloria RN and Cindy LPC, and them not giving up on me through my recovery I would not be able to start my new life. Making the correct diagnosis of my co-occurring illness and being placed on the correct medication has now put me on the right path, not only for my recovery but giving me my life back. I realize my co-occurring illness is what led to my drug addiction since I was sixteen and what self medicating means.

Richard C. – Submitted 07/08/19
Feel like this program works with me on personal level. Learning about myself and how Addiction affected my life. This program provides a higher level of care.

Kevin N. – Submitted 06/16/19
Dr. Brown and staff are too notch. I have never received such care in a medical environment before. Dr Brown and staff treat the underlying problems not just medicate you. Take your life back and end the vicious circle of addiction call Dr. Brown.

V F. – Submitted 05/23/19
I had tried a few programs in the past before finding Dr.Brown’s program here at Addiction Recovery Center of VA (ARCoVA), but to no avail. I had been met with, what felt like disgust and condescendence from the medical staff at said “previous programs”. The other programs also felt like they had a “pay me and shut up” attitude. It felt like there was a stigma and it didn’t matter that you were trying to get help, you were just another number to be pushed in and out of the office. If you hadn’t guessed, I failed to get clean at those previous programs… It is a very different experience here at ARCoVA however! Dr.Brown and his staff are some of the most kind, caring, and understanding individuals I have met and know. I am so happy to have them in my life and consider them family! I have been clean for about 3 years thanks to theirs and Suboxone’s help! I almost thought I would never feel this “normal” again, but through this program I have progressed, and still am progressing to this day. It’s not just the Suboxone that gets you clean, you also have to work on other areas of your life, and this is the place to help you with that. To say they will go above and beyond to meet your needs is an understatement. When I first joined the program here, I had trouble getting to and from my job and appointments due to not having a drivers license, and Dr.Brown actually gave me a bicycle to help me out with that. His family and him didn’t have to do that, but that is the type of people they are here at Addiction Recovery Center. I even eventually got my license back with their encouragement to push me through. I am so thankful to Dr.Brown and his staff, and can’t imagine where I would be without them and this program (dead or in prison most likely). It has been one of, if not the best, decisions I have made in my life and for that I am thankful, and will always be thankful to the ARCoVA family. If you want to help yourself or a family member, then this is the right place to get started. Only you can make the first step!

Eric E. – Submitted 05/18/19
Dr. Brown and his staff were amazing from my initial consultation to my completion of the program. Dr. Brown is very personable. He treated me with respect and understanding throughout. I was scared going into the program, but the entire process was smooth and painless. He knows that every person is different and will design a program for the individual. In this regard his years of experience really show. I now consider Dr. Brown to be a friend and am forever grateful for him helping me get my life back. If you want your life back this is the place to go!

Henry D. – Submitted 10/19/17
The journey of life is not always easy. I am the parent of an OPIOID addicted child. He was an adult when we became aware of his addiction, but we learned his drug use started while a young man of only 15 years old. As a parent, learning your child has an addiction to opioids is heartbreaking, overwhelming and terrifying. There are so many emotions and questions which follow the initial shock, but none more important than “what do we do?”. We had no idea ! I thank God for leading us to Dr. Douglas Brown, Gloria and Laura. They are truly dedicated to the recovery of their patients. They have shown support to us in so many ways. From the initial day of introduction, to the late night advice, they have given full support to our child and us as well. Their compassion, along with stern enforcement, gave the needed reality check for our son to move forward toward recovery and survive. Unlike typical experiences of little or no explanations from a doctor’s treatment, they have provided both thorough information and detailed education to us along this journey. We have learned a lot and he has come a long way. We have become very knowledgeable of the process necessary for the recovery of this awful disease. It wasn’t an easy journey and certainly not one that is completely over, but for his kids sake, we will continue down it together. We thank you Addiction Recovery Center for all you have done. I am certain this program was his best option to having his life spared.

Brandi W. – Submitted 08/31/17
I’ve been to a couple other places. They always made me feel low, making me feel as if I’m trading one thing for another and just another patient. But Dr. Brown, Gloria and Laura has made me feel successful in my journey to recovery. When I moved to VA, Addiction Recovery was the 3Rd place I called (& answered my first call.) I am very appreciative in finding such a wonderful family to help with my struggles of Addiction. I recommend this Team to everyone.

ERIKA D. – Submitted 07/08/16
If you are serious about your recovery and looking for a treatment program, I would urge you to meet with Dr. Brown first. I started my road to recovery a few years ago and put my trust in a place that could not have cared less about me. I was not treated with respect and it was obvious that my recovery was not top priority. Dr. Brown and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. From day one they made me feel welcomed, safe, and supported. They do not judge their patients and treat them like addicts. They understand the disease and are eager to help. They will make every effort to help you succeed in your addiction recovery and to help you to live a healthy and positive life. This is a great place to start your recovery. Just as the name “Success in Mind” implies, your success is what is important.

Zachary D. – Submitted 06/25/16
Success in mind! Dr Brown and staff really are a godsend. I tried many times to beat my addictions and always failed, but this place and these people really know what they’re doing and have helped me turn my life around. I’m beyond grateful to them, and am so happy that I made that one phone call that has changed my life forever!

Anne I. – Submitted 06/09/16
Dr. Brown and staff are compassionate and knowledgeable concerning addiction and all aspects of recovery . Dr. Brown has made recovery less frightening and appear to be more attainable.

Victoria T. – Submitted 06/01/16
my description of this place is that it has helped me get to know myself better and love myself more. i like the fact that it is family owned and have an understanding point of view on the subject. helping me step by step,little by little but i am thankful for this place by all means. i definitely recommend this to anyone that is and has been in my position.

Eric E. – Submitted 05/28/16
Dr. Brown and the staff are extremely understanding and non judgmental. I can say without a doubt that going to Dr. Brown was the best decision of my life. I am out of the endless cycle of despair that is opiate addiction. I am on my way to being completely drug free and I couldn’t be more thankful.