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Substance Abuse Treatment

Douglas A. Brown, MD, FAAFP -  - Addiction Treatment Specialist

Addiction Recovery of VA

Douglas A. Brown, MD, FAAFP

Addiction Treatment Specialist located in Williamsburg, VA

Dr. Brown provides a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program from his practice, Addiction Recovery of Virginia, located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Substance Abuse Treatment Q & A

What is the patient intake process?

Substance abuse treatment is a multi-part process that can be customized according to the needs of each patient. The first part of this process is the patient intake. Intake lasts for about one to four hours on average. When the patient arrives for their intake, they will ideally be at the point of early withdrawal already. At this point, the patient will receive their first dose of Suboxone. During the visit, the patient will be monitored using the Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale. Patients will leave only after they have been stabilized.

What happens during the stabilization process?

During the early part of treatment, patients will typically visit the addiction recovery center every week. This allows the physicians to make dosage adjustments if they are necessary. Patients may take a urine drug screen during these weekly appointments to make sure that they are following the program guidelines. As the patient moves through their early recovery, individual and/or group counseling are an essential part of recovery. The recovery center will provide any needed recommendations.

What is the general maintenance phase?

The general maintenance phase is the longest part of the recovery program. This phase begins when the patient's ideal medication dosage has been determined. Patients in the general maintenance phase are starting to feel both physically and emotionally well once again. During this part of treatment, patients will usually transition from weekly visits to monthly visits.

What is the Suboxone tapering phase?

During this phase, the Suboxone will be tapered down slowly. Ultimately, the goal is for the patient to be 100 percent free of all opioid drugs. This process can take between 18 months and 24 months. At this point, the patient can be discharged. To help patients stay drug-free, monthly injections of Vivitrol are recommended for one year.