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Addiction Recovery Counseling

Douglas A. Brown, MD, FAAFP -  - Addiction Treatment Specialist

Addiction Recovery of VA

Douglas A. Brown, MD, FAAFP

Addiction Treatment Specialist located in Williamsburg, VA

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia Dr. Brown provides counseling services by a licensed therapist (individual and group) to aid in addiction treatment at his practice, Addiction Recovery of Virginia.

Addiction Recovery Counseling Q & A

Addiction Recovery Counseling can be different for every person who enters a recovery program. While medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol are an important part of becoming drug-free, these medications do not work on their own. The patient must, first and foremost, be fully committed to the recovery process. Being fully committed means agreeing to a counseling program in addition to the medication.

Why is counseling so important?

If a patient is ever to have a full recovery that lasts for the long term, they need to have a true understanding of the factors that contributed to their addiction in the first place. This is something that will be revealed during the counseling process. Once patients can recognize their personal weaknesses and triggers, they will be able to assume control over the substance that formerly ruled their lives.

Individual or group counseling?

Both individual and group counseling can be extremely helpful for people recovery from opioid addiction and alcohol addiction. Individual counseling may be the first type of counseling for many opioid or alcohol dependent patients. During the counseling, personal problems and emotional issues can be worked on in a calm and welcoming environment. Once the patient begins to gain confidence and feels more sure of themselves, they may also find group counseling to be extremely beneficial. In group counseling, other people with the same type of issue will all come together in a non-judgmental and welcoming group. Being surrounded by people who are truly understanding of what the patient is going through can be enormously helpful. A trained counselor will lead all group counseling groups, providing gentle guidance and support to the group as a whole. Group counseling is the ideal place for sharing experiences and gaining support from others who can genuinely relate to opioid dependency issues.