Are you having alcohol or substance abuse legal issues?

Addiction Recovery Center is recognized as a proven and effective treatment option for those individuals that are dealing with the alcohol or substance abuse legal issues and ramifications caused by their disease of addiction. Once thought of as a behavior of choice, substance abuse is now fully understood by the medical and legal community to be in fact, a chronic relapsing brain disease.

As with any disease it must be medically treated, and the most effective treatment option for addiction is a combination of a MAT (Medically-Assisted Treatment) Program that is combined with behavioral therapy.

Why Medication?

Medication is known as the “tool” that helps reduce or eliminate the cravings associated with drug and alcohol, and also provides a safe mechanism to help with the painful withdrawal symptoms of coming off of using.

Why Behavioral Therapy?

Once a patient has started a MAT Program, that is where therapy such as counseling plays a pivotal role in understanding why you are addicted and how you can make the changes necessary to finally obtaining the long lasting recovery you deserve.

Did you know that strong evidence, over several decades, has proven that using ONLY traditional abstinence and faith based therapy has an over 95% relapse rate? Yes, the overwhelming majority of traditional programs including expensive in-patient rehabs have proven to be only short term solutions for most.

Addiction Recovery Center offers the newest and most effective treatment worldwide that combines a Medically Assisted Treatment Program that is coupled with our highly regarded individual one on one therapy.

How can ARC’s program help you and your legal issues?

Firstly, your recovery is the most important objective period. Once you begin our program, you will start to see things in your life return to the way they used to be before your addiction.
Patients that are compliant to our program are required to have weekly meetings with our doctors and attend counseling sessions that are conveniently structured. You will be required to also provide random and supervised urine drug screens while in our care, and will not be allowed to use alcohol, or any non-prescribed medications or illicit drugs.

Some of our patients include:

  • Parents fighting for visitation and custodial rights of their children
  • Individuals that are awaiting the sentencing phase on court charges because of alcohol or substance abuse legal issues
  • Employees and business professionals that are facing sanctions at the workplace
  • Spouses that understand the value of a safe and substance free relationship and home
  • Employers that value the importance of a co-worker affected by addiction

Proper Compliance Letters and Paperwork

Patients that follow our program are often mandated by the courts or by the recommendation of their counsel or lawyer will be able to prove their compliance with personal letters completed by the team of practicing Providers and Counselors that are in charge of their personalized program.

Our team of Providers, as well as, our Counselors that specialize in substance abuse know what you are going through. Often times, successful treatment is the best option in lieu of incarceration.
Frankly speaking, our courts and jails are inundated with non-violent individuals with substance abuse charges. Jail is rarely the best answer. A specialized and medically proven treatment for addiction always is.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our courteous staff can help you with any questions you have and most appointments for alcohol or substance abuse legal issues can be made the same day. We look forward to helping you Recover Your Future.